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WRP Containers’s Hybrid containers are lighter and substantially quieter that traditional steel dumpsters.  The Hybrid containers are virtually maintenance free - they will never need repainting, weld repair, or bottom replacement. Therefore total life-cycle costs for the Hybrid containers are substantially lower than similar metal containers. WRP Containers’s Hybrid containers meet all ANSI fit and function standards for solid waste collection. WRP Containers manufactures the sizes being used in the waste industry which makes the integration of these bins painless. WRP Containers’s front, rear and side load plastic commercial containers are ideal for handling commercial waste, recyclables, or food waste. Available in 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8 yard sizes, WRP Containers’s containers are up to 30% lighter than comparable metal containers which makes collection easier on your workers and your equipment.

The container bodies will not rust, are dent resistant, require painting, and are designed for strength and durability. WRP Containers’s containers are ribbed to add strength, while eliminating sagging and warpage with additional plastic and steel reinforcements in stress areas. Additional features include: dual hinged lid, drain plug and options include a variety of casters, trainables, and molded in logo.

The rotational molding manufacturing process used to make these containers consists of Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) which makes for a strong and durable container in both hot and cold climates. Rotational molded polyethylene containers are molded stress free which make for a longer life as compared to injection and blow molding methods.

We offer the standard colors used in the industry such as WM Green, Allied Blue, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Dark Gray and Dark Brown. We can also do custom colors such as red, yellows, browns, etc... .


2 - 3 - 4 Yard Containers_________________________________

2 Yard Hybrid Container
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2 Yard Rear Load Hybrid
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3 Yard Hybrid Container
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4 Yard Hybrid Container
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6 - 8 Yard Containers_________________________________

6 Yard Hybrid Flat Top
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6 Yard Hybrid Slant Container
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8 Yard Slant Hybrid Container
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8 Yard Flat Container
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Side Loader / Compactor________________________________

2 Yard Side Load
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2 Yard Hybrid Compactor
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3 Yard Compactor
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Product Features:

  • Hybrid metal and plastic design.

  • ½” Wider lifting pockets for easier fork entry.

  • Thick steel pockets which wraps around the front of every front load container for added protection during fork entry.

  • Pockets are bolted to a molded undercut on the container body to bear the majority of the weight while lifting as to not pull on the container sides.

  • Reinforced steel caster plates prevent caster puncture and extend the life of the container bottom.

  • High quality stainless steel hardware used to secure all metal to the container.

  • Powder coated steel.

  • Galvanized Steel available for maximum rust resistance.

  • Ribbed sides, front, and bottom of container for added strength.

  • Available with or without casters (all containers include caster plates installed).

  • 1 inch drain plug installed

  • UV resistant for long term exposure